I’m a freelance software engineer.

I help companies and people like you by building and extending custom software for them.

When I’m not programming, you can find me trying out new recipes in the kitchen.

Want to work together? I’d love to hear from you.

Your Problems, Solved

Here, I’ll tell you about all the problems you might have, for example:

  • You need a web application that doesn’t exist yet
  • You have an existing custom web app that needs additional features
  • You have an existing custom web app that isn’t up to your new size anymore

What people say about me

Markus’ support is indispensable for our startup!
Whenever we deal with critical security or performance issues, we can rely on his expertise and quick help.
His humanity paired with his competence makes working together very delightful.
— Lauris Bernhart (CEO, UNIQKORN)

Things I Have Done in the Past

Before going freelance, I have worked as a software engineer for various companies. I helped build and scale a photo sharing website, I helped maintain and scale a social networking site similar to Tumblr, and I was responsible for the backend of a large ecommerce platform with more than 50.000 orders per month going through it.